About Us

Peter Powers

My name is Peter Powers and I am a Real Estate Broker in Toronto with three decades of experience helping clients to realize their goals.

Throughout my career I have harnessed my passion for working with people to help them achieve their dreams. I have helped hundreds of individuals and their families attain their real estate desires. I have worked extensively with developers and builders to bring their visions into successful realities. I have renovated and built homes myself. This extensive experience of understanding my clients needs, marketing, home building and market conditions, is why I have had the pleasure of working with, and for, some of the most satisfied people in the Toronto Real Estate Market.

My focus has never been to sell more houses, it has always been to help more people. I look forward to turning your concerns and needs into pleasurable results.

Be Well and Breathe Easy.

Peter Powers standing

Jason Sampson

Jason Sampson is an energetic real estate agent who draws from his 15 years of sales and entrepreneurial experiences. Native to Toronto, he has watched every corner of the city change. Through his experience in construction and working with investors to convert Toronto homes into income properties, he leverages this experience to help people from all walks of life buy a worry-free home.

Jason prides himself on his relatability and level of service to his entire client base and cherishes the relationships he makes along the way. Working with families, learning each individual’s story and getting to know everyone is his favourite part of the real estate process — plus knowing that his efforts contribute to changing lives for the better.

Jason brings an analytical and creative approach when assisting homebuyers and sellers. Jason is accountable and will deliver results.

Jason Sampson